The Wealthy contribute most to climate change and can and should be using their power to tackle it.

Its great when you comes across an article and research that really supports your policy position, The outsized potential of the wealthy and well-connected to accelerate climate action “The world’s wealthy contribute significantly more to climate change than others. But they can also play an outsized role in the fight against climate change through personal […]

TLC Harmony spoke at the the Institute of Travel and Tourism Conference 11th – 14th September 2021

TLC Harmony had a great time at the 2021 Institute of Travel and Tourism Conference, held on the MSC cruise ship leaving from Southampton. Our position was clearly that: Tourism relies on the Natural World for the highlights in the traveler experience.And the Natural World, in turn, should be able to rely on tourism You […]

What is the True Price of Harm of a Plastic Water or Beverage Bottle?

There are a number of initiatives to promote recycling to reduce the amount of plastic waste going into landfills, the environment and oceans. While plastic recycling has an important role to play, more impactful is reducing plastic use, and part of that reduction would be us, the consumer, knowing what the true cost of harm […]

Sustainability and ethical accreditation schemes based on membership or consultation fees have a vested interest problem.

A recent article by the Independent newspaper revealed that a ‘Red Tractor’ farm animal welfare UK accreditation scheme, had certified a farm that has been severely mistreating and abusing its pig livestock. With recent revelations from ‘Seaspiracy’ from Netflix, revealing ‘sustainably fishing’ accreditation was a bit of a sham, we are left wondering how much […]

I can be a sustainable flyer darlings…. Because I’m worth it!

“The commonplace occurrence of flying is being increasingly questioned for climate reasons: a single long-haul flight generates more emissions than many people around the world produce in a whole year. Aviation is the mode of transport with the biggest climate impact, and who flies and who doesn’t is very unevenly distributed” TLC Harmony are not […]

Living African Forest Elephants are worth $1.75 US dollars, by contributing to Natural Carbon Capture and fighting Climate Change…. says International Monetary Fund

“1.1 million Forest Elephants once roamed the central African rainforests, but deforestation and poaching have diminished their population to less than one-tenth their former number. They likely face extinction unless action is taken.” “Although there is virtually no ecotourism in the central African rainforests, for both geographic and political reasons, African forest elephants contribute something […]