Pulling together Data on Environmental Harms by Tourism, Hospitality and Destination Development

On this post I’m going to pull together some of what I think is the most salient data on harms related to tourism, hospitality (which includes food and drink) and the destination built environment. It will grow over time, bear with me if its a bit disjointed at first while I’m growing it. Industry Aviation […]

Sustainability for Prosperity – an Economic Rationale for Investing in Sustainability in Hotels, Resorts and Destinations

When we in TLC Harmony were looking for economic incentives and rationale for promoting Sustainability in tourism and destination development. We were struck by the lack of readily accessible evidence to persuade investors why they should invest, build, and operate sustainable hotels and resorts. Given this lack of a clear evidence based argument, we decided […]

Research suggests Biodiversity is a cornerstone of Human Health and Well-being.

The importance of the fundamental linkages between biodiversity and human health is increasingly recognized in global and regional policy development In recent years, evidence has emerged that contact with biodiversity is associated with both physical health and mental health. Nearly 75% of all approved medical drugs come from nature and we rely on the biodiversity […]

TLC Harmony with TTN Middle East present “Reset Tourism. Sustainably”

As the tourism world slowly revives, ‘Reset Tourism Sustainably’ has been created to support a global call to review and reset how we travel.  Putting nature and the protection of culture and heritage first is a priority for forward-thinking leaders in hospitality and tourism development.   Where we stay;  What we invest in; What experiences we […]

Protecting the Ocean Delivers a Comprehensive Solution for Climate, Fishing and Biodiversity

“An international team of 26 authors identified specific areas that, if protected, would safeguard over 80% of the habitats for endangered marine species, and increase fishing catches by more than eight million metric tons. The study is also the first to quantify the potential release of carbon dioxide into the ocean from trawling, a widespread […]

Can coral reef restoration save one of the most vulnerable ecosystems to climate change?

The report suggests coral reef restoration strategies follow four critical principles: 1) planning and assessing around specific goals and objectives, 2) identifying adaptive strategies to mitigate risks, 3) engaging local stakeholders and communities in all stages of the restoration efforts, and 4) developing long-term monitoring plans to allow for adaptive management and to improve the […]