Can we put a financial value to nature?

Well yes we can, it’s not the whole story but it’s a way to understand how tremendously important nature is to everything we do or make. So we are telling tourism destinations that they need to calculate that harm to nature, reduce it, and charge a harm offset for every visitor, so that offset fund can go towards: preserving, restoring, and protecting their natural resources.

“More than half of global GDP – $42tn (£32tn) – depends on high-functioning biodiversity, according to the insurance firm Swiss Re. The “natural capital” that sustains human life looks set to become a trillion dollar asset class: the cooling effect of forests, the flood prevention characteristics of wetlands and the food production abilities of oceans understood as services with a defined financial value.

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  1. It takes one person thinking about one elephant at a time: to reset their thinking to them act to help support and protect from harm those we go to see when we travel. To just put a little bit back in to the local community visited before leaving.

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