I can be a sustainable flyer darlings…. Because I’m worth it!

“The commonplace occurrence of flying is being increasingly questioned for climate reasons: a single long-haul flight generates more emissions than many people around the world produce in a whole year. Aviation is the mode of transport with the biggest climate impact, and who flies and who doesn’t is very unevenly distributed”

TLC Harmony are not here to dump on the rich, yes, they probably cause the most harm by being uber consumers and flying the most. But we are saying, “you are wealthy enough to pay the True Price of your consumption and harmful impacts”. And if you’re not doing so then your being a bit, well there’s no other way of putting this, bloody stingy.
Sustainability can be afforded by the wealthy, infact it should be the mark of wealth. “I can be sustainable darlings…. Because I’m worth it!”

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