Tourism massive transfer of Wealth to Developing World

“Tourism has been described as the world’s largest transfer of resources from rich to poor, dwarfing international aid,” BBC

“the largest voluntary transfer of cash from the rich to the poor, the ‘haves’ to ‘have nots’, in history”. Even if one allows for considerable “leakage” Guardian newspaper

“The sudden fall in tourism cuts off funding for biodiversity conservation. Some 7% of world tourism relates to wildlife, a segment growing by 3% annually. The impact on biodiversity and ecosystems is critical. In many African destinations, wildlife accounts for up to 80% of visits, and tourism revenues enable marine conservation efforts.
Several examples of community involvement in nature tourism show how communities, including indigenous peoples, have been able to protect their cultural and natural heritage while creating wealth and improve their wellbeing.

100 to 120 MILLON

Tourism and COVID-19 – unprecedented economic impacts | UNWTO

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  1. Simply taking a … I’m not
    travelling 🧳 approach isn’t the answer. New bio fuels.
    Costing and contributing to the harm you cause when you holiday away are ways to consider.

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