Supporting Tourism and Hospitality
to Truly Value Nature

Destinations Resorts Hotels and Integrated Lifestyle Development

We Value and Give Back to Nature

Total Life Cycle (TLC) provides consultancy, analytics and software solutions for
Hospitality and Hotels to engage visitors and guests to contribute to sustainability action
Making Sustainability Affordable and Profitable!

Destination Consultancy

We support the development and prosperity of sustainable destinations, resorts and hotels

Tackling the harm impacts in tourism, hotels and hopitality - leads to enhanced reputation, brand value and profit.

Climate and Biodiversity harm impacts mostly reside in: the non-direct (Scope 3) operational activities, construction of hotels resorts and destinations and biodiversity. We ensure these areas are properly measured and factored into the assessment and action plan for development.

Technical know how is guided by rock solid policy and economic tourism strategy, that has over 25 years of delivering enhanced financial returns for hotels and nations growing their tourism offer. Consultants in destination development include marine biologists, infrastructure, coastline development, architects, sustainability academics and professionals.

Communications, Marketing and PR

In Partnership with Travwell

We have partnered with Travwell, experts in bespoke communications and destination marketing that supports and communicates your national and business sustainability journey

Tackling Emissions in the Built Environment

Construction and Infrastructure

Around 38% of carbon climate pollution is from the construction and building industry. With 70% of those emissions related to the concrete and steel used in construction.

While alternatives to concrete and steel are appropriate for many buildings, the need for resilience, especially with growing climate extremes, in our key support and infrastructure projects is essential. We have teamed up with global leaders in building technology and materials to review and make both planet and commercial savings in the building of tourism and hotel construction and infrastucture

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Wellness in Development and Operations

Integrated Lifestyle Development

Integrating Wellness into the planning, design and implementation of hotels, resorts and destinations is essential for human and planet sustainability.

Working with architects and wellness leads to ensure develpments enhance the environment they are situated within and provide the place and spaces for personal wellness.

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  • Green House Gases
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Methane
  • Nitrous Oxides
  • Sulphur Oxides
  • Particulates

Protecting and Restoring

  • Ecosystems
  • Oceans & Sea Life
  • Fresh Water
  • Land Protection
  • Plant Species
  • Animal Species
  • Areas of Special Productivity

Preserving and Supporting

  • Communities
  • History
  • Ancient Monuments
  • Religious Sites
  • Remedies and Health