Living African Forest Elephants are worth $1.75 US dollars, by contributing to Natural Carbon Capture and fighting Climate Change…. says International Monetary Fund

“1.1 million Forest Elephants once roamed the central African rainforests, but deforestation and poaching have diminished their population to less than one-tenth their former number. They likely face extinction unless action is taken.”

“Although there is virtually no ecotourism in the central African rainforests, for both geographic and political reasons, African forest elephants contribute something of tremendous social and market value. As it turns out, these elephants fight climate change by contributing significantly to natural carbon capture.”

The increase in carbon storage caused by forest elephant activity is huge. If we then take the total value of the service provided by African forest elephants and divide it by their current population, we find that each elephant is responsible for service worth more than $1.75 million. Comparatively, the ivory of an elephant killed by poachers fetches only about $40,000, so it is clear that the benefits from a healthy and thriving elephant community are substantial.

How African Elephants Fight Climate Change – IMF F&D

The analysis above looks mostly at Carbon Capture, but if we add the full range of natural and biodiversity impacts these Forest Elephants are worth even more than the $1.75 million figure stated in their research.

Nature is worth more protected and restored, and we should pay to do so.

We at TLC are working to ensure customers and guests know what our biodiversity, climate and culture are worth, and put it on the bill, so that:

“If you use it you pay for it “.

“Plus a tiny bit more to help Restore”

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