Measuring Hotels Carbon impacts, should include Guest Travel as part of Scope 3 CO2e emissions, it is the largest component of your operational CO2 harm impact.

Not including guest travel and not going to scope 3 in your hotels/ resorts CO2 emissions measure is like trying to weigh yourself while keeping a foot on the floor to support most of the weight; a bit daft and a lot self defeating

The pie chart graphic is for a real world UK hotel 2019 carbon, it demonstrates how guest and business travel represents 50% of their total CO2 emissions. For ‘long haul’ hotels and resorts such as the Maldives, we have seen the Guest Travel component being higher than 70% of total!

I understand why a hotel may not want to consider this element, but the measure is relatively easy to acquire the data for it being as easy as asking—- where did you travel from? It’s also relatively easy to mitigate against.
Ask us how, and ask TLC and our partners how you can get your guests to be part of that mitigation strategy.

Scope 1:
All direct emissions produced by a reporting company, such as
emissions from fuel combustion on site for heating or cooking, and
emissions from fuel used in company owned vehicles.

Scope 2:
Indirect emissions from purchased electricity, steam, heating, or
cooling a company uses across its facilities. These emissions are
considered indirect, because they are generated off-site to produce
energy that is then consumed by the reporting company .

Scope 3:
Represents all other indirect emissions that are a result of activities
that occur in the value chain. This includes 15 categories:
1.Purchased Goods and Services
2: Capital Goods
3: Fuel- and Energy-Related Activities Not Included in Scope 1 or Scope 2
4: Upstream Transportation and Distribution
5: Waste Generated in Operations
6: Business Travel
7: Employee Commuting
8: Upstream Leased Assets
9: Downstream Transportation and Distribution
10: Processing of Sold Products
11: Use of Sold Products
12: End-of-Life Treatment of Sold Products
13: Downstream Leased Assets
14: Franchises
15: Investments

More information on Scope 3 and a Greenhouse Gas tool to help you measure can be found on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol’s website:

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