Minister of Tourism Jamaica at RESET 2022

We had a great conversation with the Jamaican Minister for Tourism, Hon. Edmund Bartlett on the 1st August to discuss sustainable resilient tourism agendas for Jamaica, the region and globally. Emphasising how we needed an authentic measure of harm impacts to nature and culture as we rebound from Covid 19, tackling the pent up demand of release, and ensuring we quickly and effectively put in place systems that preserve and restore our natural, business and cultural tourism assets; and build in future resilience to more climate crises and black swan events like covid. We also introduced our new software to him for this measure GaBI (Greenhouse Gas and Biodiversity Impact) tool. And the wonderful natural assets of Jamaica

We are pleased to report that either he or Jamaica is represented as a speaker at the RESET tourism and hospitality summit on the 16th September 2022 in London

Nicki TLC Harmony and Hon Ed Bartlett Tourism Minster Jamaica

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