UNWTO Sustainable Tourism – TLC supports the measure and implementation of the UN Tourism Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Tourism should:

  1. Make optimal use of environmental resources that constitute a key element in tourism development, maintaining essential ecological processes and helping to conserve natural heritage and biodiversity.
  2. Respect the socio-cultural authenticity of host communities, conserve their built and living cultural heritage and traditional values, and contribute to inter-cultural understanding and tolerance.
  3. Ensure viable, long-term economic operations, providing socio-economic benefits to all stakeholders that are fairly distributed, including stable employment and income-earning opportunities and social services to host communities, and contributing to poverty alleviation.

The TLC assessment of biodiversity, people and climate supports the UN SDG’s and aligns with the UNWTO Sustainable Development aims. We do this by identifying the value of tourism assets across people, biodiversity and ecosystems, locally and nationally. Then identifying how visitors and guests can directly contribute to the protection, restoration and preservation of ecosystems; positive social impact, culture and heritage.

Our True Value approach differs from Carbon Offset, because we go beyond Carbon to assess the full range of greenhouse gases, and we account for the cost to ecosystems, and ringfence for nature that which is coming from and impacting nature. So biodiversity loss or impacts should be funded towards biodiversity restoration and protection either locally or globally.


Sustainability is such an important outcome of Covid , I am , therefore, ready to support TLC , as they strive to support a sustainability position of tourism development in leaping forward to protect our environment, our societies and our economies and thus sustaining life on earth. Taleb Rifai, Former Secretary General UNWTO


” Tourism is a genuine driver of solidarity and development. Let us all fully harness its power to bring people and communities together” Zurab Pololikashvili, UNWTO Secretary-General,

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  1. We are delighted to have the support of former Secretary General UNWTO. Of The Minister of Tourism Maldives as we Reset Tourism. Sustainably on 25 May 2021.
    Our agenda will be published this week so do join our journey and listen to some hard talk tourism by registering at: http://www.TLCHarmony.com

  2. We in TLC work in support of the UN sustainability agenda
    however, we must ask the
    current leadership of the
    Have Governments in our
    interconnected tourism world, let us down by acting in own country self interest and silo policies.
    We will debate this at
    Reset Tourism. Sustainably on 25th May 2021 at
    http://www.TLCHarmony.com when those that really know the inside position, share their perspective

    Join our journey. .

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