RESET Sustainably
the Tourism, Hospitality & Travel Summit
3rd November 2023
Raffles London at The OWO

57 Whitehall

Sustainability and Regeneration summit for Global Hospitality, Hotels and Tourism Development

Last years summit was a highlight in the sustainability calender and this years is going to be even better
More videos on our youtube channel

So stay tuned we will update you with further speakers, presenters and partners

About the Summit
RESET is the premier global sustainability tourism and hospitality summit, showcasing how the sector is leading the business transformation towards a net positive impact for Nature, People and the Planet.
The Summit draws together, live and virtually, the foremost individuals, businesses, academics and institutions in tourism and hospitality who are shaping the sustainable future of the industry

If RESET 2022 was anything to go by, it's going to be a world class event.

Sustainability is such an important outcome, I am , therefore, ready to support TLC , as they strive to support a sustainability position in tourism development and leap forward in protecting our environment, in our societies and our economies and thus sustaining life on earth. Taleb Rifai, Former Secretary General UNWTO

Harmony in Tourism and Development
Simply Good for People Planet and Place

TLC Harmony
Net Positive Impacts for Climate Biodiversity and People

Tourism provides 10% of World GDP (UNEP) And produces 8% of man made Climate Gases (Nature)
Tourism is described as the largest voluntary transfer of resources to the developing world (BBC & Guardian)

Tourism has a massive Impact, so lets make it Positive
Ensure your Tourism and your Destination is

Good for People Planet and Place


  • Green House Gases
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Methane
  • Nitrous Oxides
  • Sulphur Oxides
  • Particulates

Protecting and Restoring

  • Ecosystems
  • Oceans & Sea Life
  • Fresh Water
  • Land Protection
  • Plant Species
  • Animal Species
  • Areas of Special Productivity

Preserving and Supporting

  • Communities
  • History
  • Ancient Monuments
  • Religious Sites
  • Remedies and Health

The RESET 2021, in May 2021, event is available on this link